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2021 - 2004

Exhibition curators - visual arts, media arts - new music concerts

Curator, Grande rencontre des arts médiatiques en Gaspésie, co-produced by Les Percéides, Percé, 2015-2023.

Visual Archives:

  • 2021 - Ivetta Sunyoung Kang & Ijo, Night Vision Camera, A/V performance - Commission - 6th Grande Rencontre des Arts Médiatiques en     Gaspésie


  • 2019 - Ivetta Sunyoung Kang, Matthew Wolkow, Ijo (Eric Dong Ho You),  A Seismology of Reminiscence - 5th Grande Rencontre des Arts      Médiatiques en Gaspésie. Documentation.

  • 2018 - Gambletron, Johnny Forever présentent Jes Dolan, RADIO FLOATILLA || GOLFE | Site specific outdoor radio performance, Percé beach, 4th Grande Rencontre des Arts Médiatiques en Gaspésie. Documentation.

Curatorial commission with the artist duo Project Eva from Montreal and a group of Canadian artists, in process, 2021-2022.

Guest co-curator, Eastern Bloc, Sight & Sound festival 2019: “DIY or DIE”, October 24-26, 2019.

“A dream in which I am you”, Joshua Schwebel, Quartier Éphémère / Fonderie Darling, Montreal, June 21-August 19, 2018.

In development, “Un son qui rend fou”, in co-curation with Adam Basanta.

Programming of creations in virtual reality, Rendez-vous du cinema québécois, Montreal,

february 2018.

Author-curator residency, digital art and sound art, collaboration between Perte de Signal (Montreal), Diffusing Digital Art and Art-cade (Marseille, France), in Marseille, June-July 2017.

"Solid Void", Virginie Laganière (Montreal), Quartier Éphémère / Darling Foundry, Montreal, June 6-August 25, 2013.

“Urban Fugue”, Virginie Laganière, Jean-Maxime Dufresne, Philippe Côté (Montreal), Carlos Contente (BR), Brandon LaBelle (USA and DE), Antoine Nessi (FR), including in situ works by Ron Terada (Vancouver) , Michael Flomen (Montreal), Shelley Miller (Montreal), Rebecca Belmore (Vancouver), Quartier Éphémère / Darling Foundry, Montreal, June 10-August 8, 2010.

“Transpositions (variations)”, Dominique Blais (FR), Quartier Éphémère / Fonderie Darling, Montreal, October 16-December 7, 2008.

“Montreal Sound Matter”, a_dontigny, Louis Dufort, Chantal Dumas, Hélène Prévost, Steve Heimbecker, Mathieu Lévesque (Montreal), Tomas Phillips (Montreal, USA), artistic direction: Francisco López (ES), coordination: Esther Bourdages, Quartier Éphémère / Darling Foundry, Montreal, July 7-August 27, 2006.

Débraye : voitures à controverse”, ATSA, Doug Scholes, Dominique Toutant, Mark Lanctôt, Roadsworth (Montreal), Kelly Jazvac, Katie Bethune-Leamen (Toronto), Cooke- Sasseville (Quebec), Cindy Dumais (Chicoutimi), Vincent Ganivet , Laurent Hamon, Philippe Meste, Nicolas Milhe (FR), Margaret Lawther (Vancouver), Quartier Éphémère / Darling Foundry, Montreal, July 22-September 22, 2005.

Concerts (selection)

“A Microphone in a Noize Storm”, Yannick Franck (BE), Emilie Mouchous, Mark Lowe (Montreal), Eastern Bloc, March 3, 2016.

“A Microphone in a Noize Storm”, Benoit Rolland, Vergil Sharkya ', Esther B. (Montreal), Vergil Reality, Montreal, October 27, 2012.

“Solo, duo, trio”, A series of concerts dedicated to improvised music for acoustic instruments, FReC (Danielle Palardy Roger, Lori Freedman, Nicolas Caloia), Scott Thomson: August 23, 2006 ; Gordon Allen, Rob Clutton: October 25, 2007; Pierre-Yves Martel, Ziya Tabassian: November 15, 2007; We pierce the ears (Jean Derome and Joane Hétu), Isaiah Ceccarelli, Quartier éphémère / Fonderie Darling, Montreal, November 29, 2007.

“A Microphone in a Noize Storm”: listening event of sound pieces made from field recordings:  Constantine Katsiris & Amanda Schurman, Mathieu Lévesque, Léon Lo, James Schidlowsky, Alexandre St-Onge, Tobias c. van Veen (Montreal), ando ami (USA); Re: (Montreal and USA), Carrie Gates (Saskatoon); Kevin.m. Krebs, (Vancouver), Hildegard Westerkamp (Vancouver), Francisco López (Spain), Sawako (Japan), Gill Arno & Ben Owen (USA), Beth Coleman & Howard Goldkrand (USA), Ecube, Montreal, October 23-24 2004.





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